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Cartoon Network: Here's a new series called Ben 10!
Fans: oooooo
Cartoon Network: Here's a ton of episodes
Fans: But there aren't many of us.
Cartoon Network: Oh we'll advertize!
Fans: Oh yay! We loved the future episode where Ben 10 is all grown up
Cartoon Network: Oh you did? We'll make a spin off series where he's all grown up.
Fans: Sa-weet!
Cartoon Network: Oh btw, here's a give away event!
Fans: wait... you're giving away a car...?
Cartoon Network: Yup!
Fans: But most of us can't even drive
Cartoon Network: Who cares, it's publicity!
CN: Oh look here's another new series called Young Justice!
Fans: Wow! Another awesome show. We'd almost given up on good animation!
CN: You do? Okay, here's a few episodes!
Fans: We want more!
CN: Sorry hiatas time!
Fans: B....But...
CN: Oh, sorry about that, here are more episodes.
Fans: Yay! But there are so few of us. Shouldn't you put more advertisements on outside of the DC nation block?
CN: Nah!
Fans: Oh... okay....
CN: Whay aren't our toys selling?! Hiatas!
Fans: Wait... you had toys?
CN: Why aren't our episodes selling?
Fans: Um are there even DVDs?
CN: I don't know... those might just be a rumor. But we're not selling anything! We might cancel the show!
Fans: We'll buy them now that we know what the problem is!
CN: Canceled!
Fans: But we bought stuff!
CN: Canceled!
Fans: We'll send angry fan mail!
CN: canceled!
Fans: We'll be polite!
CN: Canceled!
Fans: We're a family though
CN: Here's the last episode! We've killed off Wally West and left you with a cliff hanger. Oh but don't worry, we got M'gann and Conner back together and put the hero's in the watch tower.
Fans: Nooooooooooo -sobs-
CN: Oh btw! We have another spin off series of Ben Ten!
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